Why the Witch Movies are Dead: Tom Cruise and Disney’s Monster Hunter Movies are the Worst Movies

The movie-loving masses will no doubt be wondering if Tom Cruise’s latest flick, Monster Hunter, will be as bad as his earlier efforts.

The movie, which stars Tom Cruise, is the latest entry in the Monster Hunter series, which features an action-packed, action-heavy, zombie-fighting fantasy adventure.

The story follows a team of hunters who are searching for the “lost” beast, but are attacked by a horde of zombies who are after their bodies.

The zombie apocalypse has caused the Hunters to have to make do with a zombie team who have been modified with super-powers, such as the ability to control the undead.

And in addition to that, there is also a demonic force trying to kill them all.

This has lead to the Hunters having to make an alliance with an old enemy of the Hunters, the monster hunter Mothman, to fight back against the threat of the undead horde.

The problem is that the film-loving hordes aren’t buying it, and are calling for a boycott of the film.

The online backlash has been pretty intense, with some of the biggest sites including BoxOffice.com and Deadline.com taking to Twitter to call for the boycott.

“Tom Cruise’s Monster Hunt movie is a complete and utter disaster,” wrote one commenter on Deadline.

“I would much rather watch a movie with a bunch of zombies than a movie that is literally about a guy who’s just trying to fight a giant monster.

He’s supposed to be fighting monsters.”

Another user added, “It’s like a kid going to a movie theater and they see a movie where the kids are getting shot at.

They feel like, Oh my god, this is just so terrible that we’re going to have a movie about it.

That’s like being at a movie theatre and having a kid go to a family theater and the kids just scream at you because you don’t have any popcorn.”

“I’d rather watch an action flick with a guy with a gun and a lot of zombies,” wrote another commenter.

“The zombie movies are so bad.”

And, while some people are still willing to watch the movie, they aren’t going to be able to, because the movie is just terrible.

“We need to stop Tom Cruise from making movies that are so awful, so it is a terrible idea to go see the monster hunters,” said another commenter on BoxOffice, in response to the boycott call.

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