Which movie will be the next blockbuster?

Movie fans can be forgiven for thinking there’s no shortage of great new movies to be had.

But, like many other things, there’s a lot to choose from.

To help you decide which movies are worthy of your money, The Lad has put together this list of the 20 movies we think are the 20th most important.


Interstellar, $1.6 billion worldwide.

The latest instalment in the franchise, Interstellar is a must-see if you’re looking for a sci-fi adventure.

The film, directed by Christopher Nolan, follows a space odyssey in which an interstellar journey is the key to stopping a rogue planet from becoming the next Earth.

The stakes are high, the visuals stunning and, if you love space-themed cinema, it’ll surely make for a memorable experience.


Star Wars: Episode VII, $3.6bn worldwide.

It’s not often you can watch a Star Wars film in its entirety and then watch it again on Netflix and not miss out on the chance to get a glimpse of Luke Skywalker’s father, Anakin Skywalker.

This will be one of the few times in your life you’ll get to see Anakin and his parents in a family setting.


Blade Runner 2049, $857m worldwide.

This is an epic film and it’ll probably make you cry, but it’s not just about the visuals.

It’ll be remembered for what it is: the biggest budget film in the history of cinema, set in 2029 Los Angeles, that is also a tribute to the work of director Denis Villeneuve.

It will also make you laugh a few times.


Interstellar: The Theory of Everything, $2.4bn worldwide The third instalments in the saga, this will be a classic sci-tech thriller and it’s probably one of our favourite films.

The story, which has been described as ‘one of the best science fiction films of all time’, follows the journey of a young man called Luke (Jai Courtney) as he tries to stop a mysterious entity known as the ‘tentacle’ (a reference to the giant floating object that’s seen in the films) from destroying the universe.

The effects work is superb and the soundtrack is also impressive.


Jurassic World, $6.8bn worldwide In the footsteps of Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park II, this is one of those rare sci-fiction films that feels so much like a classic.

This time it follows the discovery of the world’s largest dinosaur (which is the reason why Jurassic World is so popular), and it also takes place in a dystopian future.

There’s a sense of wonder in the film, which is partly thanks to the beautiful and surrealistic CGI sequences, and partly thanks in part to the fact that it is also set in a future where humans have taken over the planet.


Terminator Genisys, $913m worldwide The sequel to Terminator is a fantastic film with an excellent script, which also has an excellent cast.

It stars Taron Egerton as the Terminator, David Hasselhoff as Commander Hicks, Michael Biehn as Rick Deckard and Rachael Taylor as Sarah Connor.


Terminator: Salvation, $4.3bn worldwide This is another sci-action film, set after the events of the first film.

The script is very interesting, with an interesting cast of characters and an amazing soundtrack.


Deadpool 2, $10.7bn worldwide Deadpool 2 is a huge hit and the sequel to the movie that started it all, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have a couple of other big hits on our hands.

The first Deadpool is a film about a teenage girl named Kate who goes off and becomes a superhero, while the sequel is set before the events in Deadpool, which takes place after the second movie.


The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, $5.9bn worldwide You’ll need to be a huge fan of the franchise to get to this one, and you’ll probably be happy to know that director Wes Anderson has made a movie about it.

The movie follows the adventures of a group of teenagers who go on an epic quest to clear a massive maze and discover the secret to immortality.


The Martian, $741m worldwide This story of a man trying to make a name for himself on Mars has been going on for over 20 years, and the final film is set two years after the original film.

In that time, NASA’s rovers have been making more progress than ever, and we see some incredible science fiction imagery.

The plot, which follows a man called Mark (Matthew McConaughey), is about two astronauts trying to set foot on Mars and is probably one the best sci-fantasy films of the decade.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, $22m worldwide Fantastic Beasts is one in the series that’s made an indelible mark on film fans.

This film is

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