Which movie is the best mystery movie?

It’s the same question as ever, but there’s a new twist to it.

And you thought it was the same old, same old.

This time around, the answer is no, there’s no answer.

“The Conjuring” stars Emma Watson as the titular “spiritual guide” in a darkly humorous, high-stakes thriller.

It’s also about the nature of the supernatural.

The movie stars Tom Cruise, Evan Peters, Bill Skarsgard, Dan Stevens, Tessa Thompson, Jai Courtney, Jason Bateman, and Amber Heard.

It opens Nov. 17.

“I am not a psychic,” said Watson in the trailer.

“But I can feel your emotions.

I can tell when you’re depressed.

I think I know your body chemistry.

I want you to go on this journey.”

“What’s the answer?”

The answer, of course, is no.

In the trailer, the movie starts with Watson saying she feels the spirits of people she loves are following her, and that they’re after her.

The film is about a group of people who meet in a diner to discuss the end of the world, and Watson’s character tells them about her own past.

She is, after all, a psychic.

What does that mean?

Watson says it means the spirits are trying to influence her to leave the world.

She believes it is her duty to stay.

Watson then gets a phone call from her husband (Tessa Thompson) and asks him to come with her to meet her.

They meet in the diner, and he’s asked to join her in her quest to free the spirits from the world and stop them from harming her.

When they arrive, Watson says she’s not scared anymore.

The movie opens in theaters Oct. 18, 2018.

Read more on the movie.

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