When the next X Men movie comes out, this is how it will look from your POV

Updated September 29, 2021 11:45:17A few weeks ago, I tweeted a photo of a poster for the next Wolverine movie, along with the phrase “I want a sequel,” which inspired me to see if anyone was interested in seeing it in real life.

Turns out, the poster is actually a great poster for an upcoming film from the X-Men universe, X-Mansion, and the film is being directed by James Mangold, who previously worked on X-Force and X-Treme X-Man.

Here’s what the poster says:This poster has an interesting backstory to it.

The movie opens in the year 2020 and is being written by James Gunn and Bryan Singer, with production currently underway on XMansion.

In the movie, the X Men have a fight with the Avengers in a future New York City and the next movie is a mutant-powered, high-tech, futuristic take on the X. The poster also has a couple other X-related references that I think you might find interesting: The movie’s title is a reference to the Avengers film X-MEN, in which Jean Grey and Storm are trapped in a dimension with no known home.

The X-titles main character, Wolverine, is also a mutant.

The title of the film itself is a play on “Wolverine” by the band The Byrds.

And the poster also gives us a look at one of the upcoming X-themed Marvel movies, XMAD.

This film, which is being produced by James B. Stewart and Jennifer Cheek, is a film about a group of X-men who have been brought back to their home dimension to stop an evil, villainous entity from taking over the world.

The film’s plot involves a young woman who becomes obsessed with X-Factor, a mutant superhero team who were created to fight a threat to the world of mutants.

The poster also mentions that this film is also being directed from James Mangolds X-mansion script, which has a bunch of references to the X movies and other superhero universes.

You can read more about it at X-movie.com.

I’m also a huge fan of James Mangalov’s work on X: First Class and X2: X-2.

But this poster is a little odd, as it features two different X-man costumes from the film, the one in the background is clearly the new Wolverine costume from the movie and the one at the top is the original X-23 costume.

So, I’m wondering if anyone has a better idea why it’s so similar to one of James’ previous posters.

If you’re interested in the XMen movies, check out my X-tra series, and you can also check out a selection of the XMovies I’ve been watching and my thoughts on them.

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