What do you want to see on Netflix in 2018?

The answer to that question is, if you want anything else.

The streaming giant has announced that it plans to start offering films in the US in early 2019.

In order to get around this, Netflix has decided to make a list of films it would like to see made available for US subscribers.

The list will include the likes of, the upcoming remake of, and, of course, The Martian.

Netflix has already said that the films it wants to offer to US subscribers are still very much in the planning stages, but that the company has “great confidence in our ability to deliver films to our subscribers.”

The US is a very competitive market and we’re excited to have Netflix join our community of international partners.

– Netflix CEO Reed HastingsSource: Netflix via VarietyThe list of movies that will be offered to US Netflix subscribers will be curated from a pool of more than 300 titles, Netflix says, which includes more than 70 films from across the globe.

The feature length movies are set to include “all of the great and iconic science fiction films that have made their mark in the world of sci-fi and fantasy,” the company explains.

Netflix says it’s also looking to include new works that “tell stories that reflect our current culture and values.”

Of course, there are a few caveats to this list.

The company does not currently offer a streaming option for The Martian, for instance, and will be making it available to US users in the next few months.

Netflix is also planning to launch a new series in 2018 called, and Netflix has confirmed that it has cast members in that series, too.

It is, of that list, important to note that Netflix’s list is not a full list of the movies that Netflix is looking to offer its subscribers.

Netflix hasn’t announced the titles that it will offer to its subscribers, and the feature length films that it is announcing are all still in the early stages.

It’s possible that Netflix will be looking to release films based on other genres, and it may be the case that the list of titles is meant to serve as a preview for what might be coming.

Netflix did not respond to an inquiry from The Verge about the list, and we don’t have any information to suggest that Netflix may have changed its mind about The Martian or The Martian: Part One.

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