Tom Cruise, John Travolta to star in new ‘Mondo’ movie

Tom Cruise has been confirmed to play a role in a new movie based on a book by British author John T. Trarno.

Trarno, a playwright, author and screenwriter best known for his work on the TV show Masterchef, has been making the film The Biggest Loser.

It’s a remake of the 1997 film starring Tom Cruise and John Tavolta and stars the British actor as the titular character.

Trick or Treat, a movie about a family of children that have a prank that turns out to be a trap, is set in a future where there’s no television.

Traccio will play the father of a young boy who is in a “miserable situation”, and he will play a character that has his own personal problems.

The script is being written by the acclaimed writer and director Tracie Whitty, who has also directed the live-action movie “Pump It Up” which won the 2013 Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film.

The book is about a group of young boys in the 1970s who went through a time when they were trying to get their lives together.

The main character is a boy named Tom.

He is a member of a family who is very unhappy and the other members of the family, including the mother and father, are also unhappy.

Tracie has been writing a number of books, including one about a girl named Tasha who gets into trouble and has to deal with bullying.

She is not a good friend, so they try to make her happy.

The book is set at the beginning of the ’90s.

The film is scheduled to be released on August 1.

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