‘Sully’ trailer: ‘Boys Don’t Cry’ and more from Eurovision 2017

We’ve seen the trailer for ‘Sullen’, the new song from British pop-punk band Bardsmore, and now we’re all ready to go to bed.

In this preview, we take a look at some of the key moments from the new track.

The new song is titled ‘Silly Boy’, and it’s not a particularly pleasant tune.

It has an odd melody, and the lyrics are somewhat off-putting.

But it’s still a great track and definitely worth checking out.

The song is also notable for featuring a few of Bardsmores best tracks.

‘Porch’ is one of those, with a catchy chorus and a great guitar solo.

‘Waste’ features a great drum solo and a nice guitar solo, and it can be a bit confusing to find out what the song’s about, but it’s worth the wait.

‘I Wish’ features some of Bands most memorable guitar lines and the title is fitting: It’s a nice little love song.

Bards are also known for their quirky and irreverent humour, which is one reason they are often used in music videos.

‘Bards Moms’ is a more serious song with a good bassline and an interesting drum solo.

The album is called ‘Bard Sisters’ and it is a bit less catchy and more straightforward than ‘Sillen’, and the album is also quite long, so it may be a little hard to listen to.

But there are still some good songs in here, so if you like Bards songs, this is definitely one you should check out.

The tracklist is as follows:1.


‘Abandon My Soul’3.

‘Til The End4.

‘No Matter What’5.

‘Lion Dance’6.

‘Eagle Eyes’7.

‘Ride Your Tiger’8.

‘Let Me In9.

‘Don’t Say You’re Mine’10.


‘It’s All Over’12.

‘The Boys Don’t cry’13.


‘All the Little Things’15.

‘You’ve Got To Be Loved’16.

‘Nothing Is True’17.

‘We’re Not Alone’18.


‘Do You Want It?’20.

‘Never Let Me Down’21.

‘Good Morning’22.


‘Favourite Song’24.


‘When I’m Done’26.

‘Can’t Stop Me’27.

‘Take Me Home’28.

‘In My Heart’29.


‘Love Is All You Get’31.

‘Baby’s All Right’32.

‘What Would You Do?’33.

‘Mama Got You’34.

‘Make Love’35.

‘Dancing In The Dark’36.

‘Get Off Me’37.

‘Forget Me Not’38.

‘Something Like A Woman’39.

‘There’s A Light That Never Goes Out’40.

‘My Love Is Like a Hammer’41.

‘If You Are The One’42.

‘Be Careful What You Wish For’43.

‘Give Me Something Good To Do’44.

‘Happy Birthday’45.


‘Grow Up’47.

‘Why Can’t We Be Friends?’48.

‘How Could You Be Lonely’49.

‘So I Love You’50.

‘Just Say Yes’51.

‘This is Your Best Day’52.

‘Where Are We Going?’53.

‘Like I’m Not So Bad’54.

‘Here’s To The World’55.

‘Please Come Back’56.

‘Not The End’57.

‘To The End Of The World (Till We Meet Again)’58.

‘Say Something’59.

‘Now It’s You’60.

‘Everyday Is Halloween’61.

‘Stay In My Love’62.

‘Meant To Be’63.

‘Come And Get Me’64.


‘Feel The Love’66.

‘Only Me’67.

‘Welcome Home’68.

‘Back To You’69.

‘Home Again’70.

‘Keep On Keepin’ On’71.

‘And I’ll Always Love You (The End)’72.


‘She’ll Be The One I Love’74.


‘That’s It’76.


‘Beautiful Day’78.


‘Little Star’80.

‘Your Best Day Ever’81.


‘Go Baby’83.

‘Bring Your Love Back’84.

‘Hey Baby’85.

‘Perfect Day

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