How Trump’s presidency has unfolded in the eyes of the public

President Donald Trump’s administration has taken on an increasingly frightening and dystopian feel.

Here’s a look at how it’s all happening in the media, and how Trump’s tweets have changed things.1.

The press’s role in the Trump administration The Washington Post has had the most to say about Trump.

In a story published Thursday, the paper laid out its argument that Trump was not merely a “dictator” but a “frightened dictator.”

The paper argued that Trump’s executive order barring immigrants from seven Muslim-majority countries would make it harder for them to enter the country.

The order has sparked protests, vandalism and arrests.

“The president of the United States has made a decision to be fearful,” the paper wrote.

“He is not afraid of what happens when he is not scared of what the public thinks about him.”

The Washington Examiner, which is a conservative outlet, has been less aggressive.

In an editorial Thursday, it wrote that Trump is not “the monster he pretends to be,” that “America is the most democratic country in the world, and there are no monsters in Washington.”

The piece also wrote that “the president of this country has done a remarkable job of manipulating the news cycle to his benefit.”2.

Trump’s Twitter feed is now the most talked about story on Twitter.

The Post published a chart on Thursday showing that Trump has “overwhelmed” news coverage.

The chart, which uses the number of tweets sent daily and the number posted daily, shows that Trump receives nearly one-third of all tweets.

The Daily Beast, the website of The Washington Times, took a similar approach, noting that the number one trending story on social media in the last week was the report of the FBI’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s ties to Russia.3.

Trump is now leading the nation’s media.

Trump has the most Twitter followers in the country, according to a new survey by Vox.

Trump leads the way in the number tweets and mentions on the social media site, which now boasts over 1.5 billion monthly active users.

Trump had a higher total following last year, when he was the Republican presidential nominee.

In the last three weeks, Trump has overtaken both former President Barack Obama and former President Bill Clinton.4.

The Trump presidency is now in a “recession,” according to Vox.

The paper wrote that the “Trump era” is now “the longest in modern American history.”

The recession has hit hard for the middle class and lower-income Americans.

The report noted that the median income fell by $3,500 last year for middle-income households and $4,200 for those with incomes below $50,000.

The middle class has also seen the largest decline in incomes over the past four years.5.

The public is increasingly worried about Trump’s health.

Vox reported that the percentage of Americans who worry about the president’s health has risen to 41 percent, up from 32 percent in December.

The study also noted that there is “great concern about Trump.”

Vox said that “this increase in concern about the health of the president could be due in part to Trump’s recent refusal to release his full medical records, which would reveal his condition.”

The president has refused to release the documents, citing the ongoing investigation.6.

The New York Times has the highest share of people saying the country is headed in the right direction.

The Times’ share of the nation saying that “things are going in the wrong direction” has doubled in the past month, from 22 percent to 29 percent.

The newspaper also said that the public’s views of the economy have shifted from a strong economy to a weak economy.7.

The media is not the only group that is worried about the Trump presidency.

The Center for Public Integrity reported Thursday that the share of Americans saying the government is doing a good job is up by 9 percentage points from a year ago.8.

There is “a clear public mood” about the state of the country’s health care system.

The Washington Monthly reported Thursday on the public mood.

Nearly half of Americans, 47 percent, say the country has gotten a good deal or good enough in its health care care system, up 4 points from last year.

Nearly six in 10, or 58 percent, said they are satisfied with the quality of the healthcare system, which was down from a previous record low of 60 percent in 2016.9.

The news media are still the biggest political group, with an average of 8 million viewers per week, according the Pew Research Center.

The publication reported Thursday the average number of viewers per story is 7,988.10.

The White House Correspondents Dinner has a special spot on television.

The annual event, which pits media leaders against each other in a mock competition for the 2017 Pulitzer Prize, has become a regular on television and has had a big impact on the media’s ratings.

The event was also the biggest TV audience in history in March.

During the event, The New Yorker reported that there

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