How to get your kids to watch movies again

By Emma Jones Emma Jones’ kids have been in bed, at the movies and on the couch since they were a baby.

But after seeing their parents’ television programmes on repeat, they’re now looking for new ways to get in the house.

Here are some tips for getting your kids hooked on the new family favourite.

Read moreA big part of getting kids hooked is making sure they get the latest entertainment.

“The biggest challenge with kids is making them understand they’re not alone in this world,” Ms Jones says.

“So they need to see their parents are there for them.”

For kids aged 4 to 10, the most important thing is getting them to start watching on their own, Ms Jones recommends getting them involved with a film-watching club, so they get to see the latest movies together.

“If your kids don’t watch on their computer or mobile, or they don’t like watching TV or movies on their tablet, they’ll probably be very frustrated,” Ms Jennings says.

“But it can be a really good way to help them realise that they’re part of the family.”

For older kids, she suggests going to the cinema to see some of the movies.

“For younger kids, if they’re watching it on TV, they can see the films in a whole new way.”

She suggests getting them into a group.

“A lot of times, it’s not just your kids, but your family members and the people in the same room that are watching the movies together.”

For younger siblings, Ms Jennings recommends having them watch their parents movies together at the cinema.

“If your younger siblings have seen their parents on TV before, then you know what they’re looking for,” she says.

Find out moreWhat’s the best TV series to watch with your kids?

Emma Jones is on a mission to get kids hooked with the latest family favourites, and she’s offering some advice on how to make it happen.

Read more”There’s no one rule that’s the right way to do it,” MsJones says.

She recommends starting with something your kids enjoy, and then slowly introducing them to the shows they love as they get older.

“Then, gradually introduce more and more of the shows that they really love.”

For children aged 5 to 11, MsJones recommends starting the day with a family film night.

“They’re going to start by going to movies with their friends and family,” she explains.

“After that, you can go into the house and introduce them to a different show, and that will help them to develop their own taste.”

For 12 to 14-year-olds, MsJennings recommends watching a variety of family movies on a regular basis.

“As you get older, you may find you’re not able to get into the cinema, but you’ll still find ways to watch family films,” she adds.

For children in their early teens, she recommends getting into a film club, where your kids can meet other movie-watchers.

“It can be really good for them to get involved in this group of people,” she advises.

“They’re watching family movies with other family members.”

For families with kids aged 15 to 19, she says, you should watch a movie with your kid every other week.

“When they get their own TV, that’ll help them understand that there are other people watching.”

For those with older kids in their 20s and 30s, Ms Jennings recommends starting off by getting into the family film club.

“You’ll be able to introduce your kids into other family films as well,” she suggests.

For kids of all ages, Ms Jenks advice is to get them involved in some sort of “family-movie-watching” group.

“That’ll help get them interested in watching family films, and maybe even see some films that are not in the family,” Ms Jennison says.

For younger children, Ms Jesses recommends getting involved in a film and television club.

“It’s important for young kids to start exploring their own interests in the home,” she said.

“Some of the older kids may be interested in science or technology, so a film group could help them learn about these subjects.”

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