How to get to Italy with Clint Eastwood: The first trip

Clint eastwoods first trip to Italy is now complete and he is back in Rome with his family. 

He arrived in Rome on Saturday with his daughter and his wife to visit his father in the capital.

“I arrived here in Rome, as usual, at 11:00 am,” the actor said in a video released on Saturday.

“But we’re here to celebrate, we’re together again, it’s a wonderful time.

It’s a very special moment.

We are in Italy.” 

“We’re here together for the first time in a long time,” he added.

The two will be joined by family and friends for the opening ceremony of the new football stadium, the new Juventus Stadium, and a concert. 

“The first time, we left our luggage at home and went to the airport,” he said.

“It was a little bit of a struggle.

We left in our car, it took us a long journey, it was very difficult. 

The first day we left was a nightmare. 

We came here with our luggage in the car and we couldn’t find our luggage.

We had to wait until after 10:00 in the morning to find our stuff. 

I couldn’t sleep, it felt like we were on a rollercoaster.”

The actor has also had to cope with the arrival of his two sons. 

 “My eldest son is 6 and he’s 3, so I have to put them to bed, they sleep a lot,” he explained. 

His daughter, Eva, has also made a trip, and will be in Rome for the grand opening of the stadium.

“My daughter Eva is also going to Rome for today,” he noted. 

Clint will be back in Italy later in the week to meet his wife, Emma. 

It has been a whirlwind week for the actor, with his first film appearance in Milan and his return to Italy. 

#TheRealClintEastwood was an extraordinary experience.

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