How Canada’s movie industry is adapting to the changing face of the world

Canada’s film industry is responding to a growing appetite for big-budget movies with an innovative approach to distribution and marketing.

With its $60 million ($69 million) budgeted for this year, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is expected to begin the rollout of a new streaming service next year, and the Canadian Film Production Association (CFA) is promoting its “Big Movie” initiative.

It will include a “Netflix for Canada” model for streaming movies on the service, but will also include a full selection of movies and television series that will be available on the same platform as the films.

“We have the opportunity to create a platform that’s both unique to Canada and global,” said Gary Tamburini, president of CFA.

“With this new platform, we’ll be able to offer films from around the world, including in other countries,” he said.

Tamburino said he hopes to launch a second service, and added that his association hopes to expand into other genres.

“One of the things that’s been a concern for a lot of the people who work in the industry is we’re very, very big in a certain way, but our films are not big in the way that they should be,” he added.

“So there are a lot more films we should be doing.”

The Royal Canadian Mountain Mounted Patrol, or RCMP, is the first Canadian agency to announce plans to launch such a service.

The RCMP has a long history of promoting movies and TV series, including the likes of “Star Trek,” “Star Wars,” “The Hunger Games,” “Harry Potter,” and the upcoming “The Hobbit.”

The Mounties have already launched a new movie service in the United States called “Actors for Change,” and has already teamed up with the International Association of Theatre Owners to launch an online video series that showcases Canadian filmmakers.

A similar service is also available in Canada to film and television productions.

The CFA says that it is “extremely excited” about the prospect of such a launch in Canada.

“Canada is very well positioned for the next generation of cinema and television production,” Tambunini said.

“And if we’re not doing it right now, there’s no reason why we should wait any longer.”

The CMA is hosting a series of conferences across the country in September to explore ways to expand the role of the film industry in Canada, including new partnerships and partnerships that include the introduction of a tax credit for the production of documentaries, documentaries and documentaries-style films.

For the first time, the CMA will hold a conference in Toronto to discuss the development of a national film policy and the distribution of films and other content.

And CFA is also exploring the possibility of launching a national competition to create the first national movie awards.

The first national competition will be for documentaries and features that are available on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video.

The winner of the first competition will receive $50,000 and a $100,000 scholarship from the CFA to create their own documentary about the film.

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