Hollywood’s biggest hits on Netflix and Amazon Prime: Here’s where you can watch the rest of the summer

After years of dominating the summer film season, Netflix and Prime are finally showing us what they’re made of, and with each new release, it’s becoming more apparent that the streaming service is getting ahead of itself.

Here are the biggest releases of the past few weeks, and how you can find them.1.

Anne Hathaway movies, The Big Short, The Great Gatsby, and A Serious Man, by Anne Hathaways, The Wall Street Journal (January 11)Hathaway’s movies have had a huge year.

Her latest, The Gatsbys, which opened to a $1.1 billion opening, is in line for a sequel, The Nice Guys, which was released to strong reviews.

And The Great Game, starring Hugh Jackman, is getting an animated remake.

The Big Screen also has a few big hits, including The Shape of Water, The Martian, and the comedy-drama The Big Sick.2.

The Great George film, by Michael Winterbottom, the Daily Beast (January 15)George Clooney’s latest, the sequel to The Good Dinosaur, is coming out next month, and it has a ton of fans.

George Clooney stars in the film as a young scientist, and he plays the titular George in this epic sequel.

Winterbottom writes about the film that’s being made for HBO and Sony, which has been acquired by HBO.3.

The Shape Of Water, by Guillermo del Toro, The Guardian (January 18)This sequel to the 2009 film The Shape is getting a live-action remake by Guillaume Del Toro, with the film hitting theaters in May.

Del Toro stars as the scientist who creates an artificial ocean and is eventually swept into the depths.

The film has been getting a lot of attention, especially after the film got a lot better reviews.4.

The Martian by Matt Damon, The Hollywood Reporter (January 19)Damon’s second film, which he directed, is the most expensive film of the year, with a $100 million budget.

It’s getting a sequel that’s going to have its own spinoff TV series, with Damon also working on the film.5.

The Nice Ones, by Robert De Niro, The New York Times (January 20)The New York Post reports that De Nio is making another film for Netflix and a TV series based on it.

It has been in development for several years, but Netflix is set to make a big splash with the release of The Nice Things, a sequel to De Nios 2009 film.6.

The Good Place, by David Slade, Entertainment Weekly (January 21)Slade’s next film is a supernatural thriller, The Good Intentions, and we’re getting a remake for this version, too.

It follows a group of friends who work at a remote town as they try to get away from the supernatural.7.

The Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials, by Ryan Coogler, Collider (January 22)Ryan Coogling is bringing the original Maze Runner to Netflix for a limited time, and now the movie is getting its own animated series on Netflix, The Mazerunners.8.

A Serious Mans, by Anthony Bourdain, The Washington Post (January 23)A Serious Mans is an adaptation of the novel by Anthony Hopkins, and while it doesn’t have the same depth or weight as the novel, it was a huge hit on Netflix.9.

The Weinstein Company films, The Internship, The Wedding Planner, and The Bachelorette, by Ben Stiller, Variety (January 24)Stiller has been churning out films since 2009, but his latest, A Serious Means to an End, is a must-watch for fans of his work.10.

The Hateful Eight, by Matthew Vaughn, Collider, New York Daily News (January 25)Vaughn’s latest film, The H, was a hit at the box office, but he’s now going to get another film in the franchise, this time for Amazon Prime, with The H8, based on the book by Stephen King.11.

The Secret Life of Pets, by Ellen DeGeneres, ABC News (February 2)DeGeneres is on a roll as a new host of ABC’s Ellen, and she’s been doing the big TV talk shows for some time now.

This year, she’s going all-in with a new series of talk shows, The Secret Lives of Pets.12.

The Mummy: Rise of the Tomb Raider, by Warner Bros., Warner Bros. Pictures (February 3)There’s no shortage of great movies this summer, but there are also a few gems to be found, too, including one by Warner Brothers that has just been released.

Warner Bros./ Legendary Pictures’ The M.U.L.I.E. is a sequel of sorts to the first film, but it’s

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