‘Birds of a Feather’ trailer: “This is where the action begins”

Next Big Futurist – Posted Sep 27, 2018 06:27:37The newest trailer for “Birds Of A Feather” has surfaced for the upcoming third installment of the popular “Marvel Zombies” series.

The movie opens on the island of Zanzibar and features an introduction to the characters of Black Widow, Falcon, Wasp, Gamora, Nebula, Star-Lord, Drax, and the others.

In the trailer, a group of humans living in Zanzibia are forced to work as slaves.

Black Widow and Falcon join forces with Drax to take on a mysterious group of zombies.

The group are led by a powerful man named Dredd, who is looking to conquer the world.

Black Widow and her team are sent on a mission to a remote island where they must work with Wasp to stop the zombies from eating the residents.

The trailer also introduces several characters including Black Widow herself, who has a daughter named Nebula.

Black Widows daughter Nebula also appears in the trailer.

She is played by Amber Heard, who was nominated for an Academy Award for her performance in “The Hurt Locker.”

The trailer also reveals that Star-Lords Gamora and Nebula will be the only members of the team who have not yet been trained in battle.

Gamora will be taking on the role of Captain Marvel, while Nebula will take on the mantle of Black Panther.

Star-Warriors Gamora (played by Jennifer Lawrence) and Nebula (played.

by Angela Bassett) also join the cast.

The film is expected to be released on May 1, 2019.

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