Ben Affleck’s new movie, New Kids, is not about his family, it’s about Trump and his supporters

When Ben Afferck made his New Kids movies, he was aiming to show that there is hope for the future.

He wanted to show how our children can learn and grow in a world that has become increasingly hostile to our children’s rights.

But that’s not how New Kids was received.

Affleck, in a statement, apologized for the controversy.

“I know that I’ve been a target of a lot of hatred over the past year and a half and am deeply sorry for it.

I know that there have been a lot people who have been very critical of my work in the past and that I can’t be held responsible for the way they’ve interpreted my work.

The way they have interpreted it has been a mistake.

I want to be very clear: This movie does not address the current political climate, the rise of Trump or the election,” Affleck said.

“In the future, New Kid will continue to show the true American spirit, its power and its promise.”

And, as a result, his movie is not entirely about Affleck and his family.

It’s about his friends and his fans.

New Kids stars Ben Afflalo, Zac Efron, Evan Peters, and the rest of his friends in a small town in the Midwest, which is a major theme of the film.

Afflollo plays a teenage boy named Ben, who is living in the small town, and he works at a hardware store in the town.

“This is where my friends and I hang out, we shop, and we have fun,” Afflilo said in a video that accompanied the film’s trailer.

He added that his role as a boy who gets bullied is a common theme in New Kids.

“My family has grown up in a country where we are afraid to say who we are.

It is a place where you feel like you are second class, where you are not safe,” Affllo said.

The movie, which was shot in California, stars Ben as a quiet, down-to-earth teenager named Zack who has friends he can talk to.

But when he’s trying to make friends with Zack, he’s hit with some unexpected, but not unexpected, challenges.

The trailer showed Zack trying to explain to his friends why he was trying to start a football team.

But he says it’s not about him.

“We’re trying to help Zack realize he can succeed, and that he can be a better person,” Affalo said.

This is a movie about Zack and his friends trying to figure out what their lives will look like in the future if they keep to themselves.

Affalo has said he wanted to write a book about Zack’s life before he gets older.

“It’s not that I’m trying to put on a show, but there’s a lot I’m hoping people will read and enjoy and appreciate,” Afflon said.

New Kid was filmed in front of a large crowd of people in the Mojave Desert in California.

The production crew said the film is “not meant to be a celebration of any political or social views,” but it was intended to be an emotional movie for audiences.

Afflon added that the film “isn’t meant to teach young people that you have the right to make decisions about your own life and your own family.

But I know there’s more to life than what is in your head.”

But some critics have taken issue with the movie, saying that Affleck used the film to further his political agenda.

Affonso is also an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump and the Republican Party.

“If you were to go back in time, I think you would see what I was trying with the character Ben Affalo,” Affonso told the Los Angeles Times in 2017.

“And I think the people who thought that was wrong are still wrong to me.”

Affleck added that he did not make the film with a political agenda in mind.

“Ben Affleck has said that he doesn’t think that politics is a distraction to his work,” Afferclons spokesman said in an email to The Hollywood Reporter.

“That is not true.

He believes that politics should be a part of every human endeavor and his hope is that the stories he tells will inspire millions of people around the world.”

New Kids is now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

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